Youtuber Obsessed

Google “Hannah Witton” and that image is the first to come up.

I’ve watched Youtubers to pass the time while sewing and working on other things since I was about 16. Every year or so I find a new Youtuber who I develop a full girl-crush on. This year, apparently, my infatuation lies in Hannah Witton.

Holy Fuck Guys.

She is one hilarious and beautiful girl who really knows her stuff. She’s bubbly, friendly, cute, and super smart.

Her channel covers everything from random drunk advice with her friends (I’m tempted to make a youtube channel solely so I can befriend her and collab on one of these videos) to a series called the hormone diaries, in which she details her journey of coming off of hormonal birth control pills and documents the changes in her body, mind, and emotions.

Overall I think everyone could benefit tremendously from watching her videos, and I plan on binge-ing on more of them throughout this week.

To check out Hannah Witton, visit her on her youtube channel by the same name.

~ Kaity


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